IP Networks/Transmission Engineer – London / Hybrid

1. Purpose of the Role

To develop and design I/P based voice/data and video transmission networks and assist with the development of associated cable infrastructure for the support and delivery of Connect contract services and variations.

2. Principal Accountabilities

2.1. Design Solutions

·         Produce I/P based voice/data and video transmission designs to customer and Connect requirements/specifications.

·         Assist with the production of cable infrastructure designs to support the above networks.

·         Assist with the production of 50V power supply designs to support the above networks.

·         Lead technical investigations and produce reports as required.

·         Produce survey scopes and reports.

·         Carry out surveys where specific knowledge is required.

·         Produce ‘’As Installed’’ documentation.

·         Produce Connect standard design specifications.

2.2. Assurance/Safety of Design

·         Produce service availability calculations.

·         Assist with the production of material approval documentation.

·         Assist with the production of EMC/EMF technical documentation.

·         Ensure designs and materials comply with LUL fire regulations.

·         Maintain familiarity and comply with all relevant safety/engineering standards.

·         Comply with CDM requirements.

·         Conduct Connect tailored Chorus reviews as defined by the Connect SEMP.

·         Produce ITP’s.

·         Check and approve designs/documentation produced by other members of the design team.

2.3. Support Sales and Marketing                               

·         Provide technical support at meetings.

·         Meet senior customer representatives to discuss technical issues.

·         Produce technical proposals.

·         Prepare cost/time estimates for contract variations.

2.4. Support System Delivery/Implementation.

·         When directed carry out the duties of Work Pack Manager for larger complex variations. Reporting progress/issues to the Project Manager and Planner.

·         When appropriate provide technical support to other Connect teams/departments.

·         Share knowledge and experience with junior members of the team.

3. Technical Knowledge

·         I/P based transmission Systems for Voice and Data

·         Optical transmission systems

·         Serial data communications and interfaces

·         Link layer protocols

·         Use of Ethernet as link layer in transmission systems

·         Modems and interface converters

·         Video standards and transmission systems

·         OSI Model

·         Legacy network architectures such as SNA, DECNET

·         Network devices in terms of the OSI model

·         Internet Protocol Suite and RFCs

·         IANA

·         IP addressing and Internet Registries

·         LAN and WAN protocols

·         Bridging and routing protocols

·         MPLS and BGP

·         Layer 2 VPNs such as VPWS VPLS

·         Network security devices and applications such a firewalls and IPS

·         Authentication schemes such as RADIUS and token based security

·         Encryption techniques for documents and datalinks

·         Tunnelling such as GRE IPSEC tunnels

·         Digital certificates X.509, PKI, CAs, SSL, TLS

·         Network management systems

·         Network synchronisation

·         Network Hierarchy for PDH and SDH (desirable)

·         Structured cabling systems (desirable)

·         Fibre optic cabling systems (desirable)

If this opportunity looks suitable and is of interest, please can you contact matt.roberts@matrax.co.uk